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General Condition of Sale


These terms and conditions of sale apply to all goods sold by STIKBOX Ltd. on a worldwide basis. Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by both parties, these terms and conditions of sale automatically apply to any sales contract entered into by STIKBOX Ltd. and its customers.

These terms and conditions of sale govern all STIKBOX Ltd. sales and shall prevail in the event of any contradiction between any other proposed terms and conditions of purchase or any other document generated by the customer, as well as any previous correspondence, document or advertising notice issued by STIKBOX Ltd. .No amendments to these terms and conditions of sale will be binding in any event against STIKBOX Ltd. without its prior written consent.

Contract Conclution

The sales contract is deemed to have been concluded when STIKBOX Ltd. receives confirmation that the customer’s payment has been approved. No amendment to or cancellation of any order, whatever the reason, with the exception of for reasons of force majeure, will be accepted once the contract has been concluded, unless otherwise required by applicable law. The customer remains liable for the total price of the relevant order, without prejudice to STIKBOX’s right to claim damages as compensation for losses sustained from the cancellation of such order. If for any reason STIKBOX Ltd. is obligated to cancel the order or otherwise refund payment, a processing fee of 50% of the order will be assessed and deducted from said refund prior to its remittance to the customer.


All prices quoted are subject to change, without notice, at any time at STIKBOX’s sole discretion. Payment by the customer constitutes acceptance of the fixed price at the time of the relevant order.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery of the product shall be to the address specified by the customer

Any damages, shortages, over deliveries and duplicated orders should be reported to STIKBOX Ltd. within 3 days of receipt.

Delivery schedules are stated as accurately as possible, but are subject always to third party availability and transportation and therefore STIKBOX Ltd. cannot and will not ever be liable for delays or errors in delivery dates.

As such, any failure to meet delivery schedules shall not give rise to claims for damages, returns or cancellation of orders in progress.

Product Use and Guarantee

The customer undertakes at all times to use STIKBOX Ltd. products only as expressly directed by STIKBOX Ltd. (either in print or online) and in all cases in a manner that poses no risk of injury either to the customer or others.

STIKBOX Ltd. shall not be liable in any way for any use of its products in a manner other than as expressly directed by STIKBOX Ltd. and customer takes full responsibility for its use of his STIKBOX device.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage that is directly or indirectly caused by any equipment or component that was not sold by them and/or for other equipment or components that are incorporated into or used in conjunction with its Product. Specifically, the Company cannot be held responsible if the failure of one of its Products is caused by such equipment or any components that it is used in combination with.

Any client complaint, whether in relation to the conformity guarantee, the guarantee against hidden defects or the contractual guarantee must be justified and if appropriate, must be accompanied by all supporting documentation relating to the defective nature of the disputed products, as well as the purchase invoice. Should a complaint be justified, the Company will undertake a detailed analysis of the defective Product. If, after this analysis, the company considers the complaint to be justified, the company will, at its own cost, arrange for the return of the defective products, their replacement,as well as the forwarding of the product that has been replaced.

In any case, the Client remains liable for any improper handling of the STIKBOX or a use other than for which it is intended.

Force Majeure

STIKBOX Ltd. will automatically be relieved of all of its obligations in the case of a force majeure event (including, but not limited to, the reduction or stoppage of stock production, interruption to communications or transport, weather events such as storms, hurricanes etc.) and may terminate customer’s order without liability to STIKBOX Ltd.

Data Protection and Privacy

STIKBOX Ltd. may be required to process personal data belonging to its customers. This personal data is stored by STIKBOX Ltd. and may be used by STIKBOX Ltd. and its trading partners for direct marketing purposes. Any customer objection to such use of personal data shall be submitted to writing to legal@stikbox.com

Applicable Law

This agreement is governed exclusively by the laws of England and Wales.

Applicable Jurisdiction

For any dispute that cannot be amicably resolved, jurisdiction, including all proceedings, will be expressly assigned to the applicable courts in London, England.

Limitation Of Liability

Subject to the foregoing clauses concerning customer complaints and product replacement, STIKBOX’s liability to its customers shall in all cases be limited to the cost of the device in dispute. At no point shall it be liable for any other damages, whether direct or indirect, personal, tangible or intangible and specifically any operating loss or loss of use, any loss of earnings by the customer or its successors-in-interest or any sub-purchaser of the relevant product.